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You care to read this! Cool. Well anyways, I'm Britt, a Langley, British Columbia, Canada grown mama of two girls under 4. I enjoy outdoor adventuring whenever I can.  If I'm lucky I'll even get to ride a horse now and again.​

I started MarbleTieDesigns because I am the happiest and feel most like myself when I am creating; I want to set a good example for my girls and honestly, I love seeing the little ones wear their gear when I get photos sent to me from their parents or friends.

Our primary focus is to create onesies and apparel for infants and babies, however, we also make bib sets; an essential addition for expecting parents. Each bib set includes a handkerchief bib to protect infant clothing from spit-up, a lightweight cotton knot hat to protect baby’s head from the sun as well as scratch-free mittens to protect their eyes from scratches from their sharp newborn fingernails! We also have expanded our brand into adult and toddler clothing for all of our big sisters, big brothers, mamas, daddies, dog mamas, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and everybody in between! To check out the full line and customization options visit our products page.

Meet The Team

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